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Big5 CIO Priorities ‘23: By the Numbers


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Big5 CIO Themes for 2023


01 - The New Forces of Innovation

Organizations have had to transform and innovate to survive over the last 2 years. However, when they look at competitors, they see that everyone has innovated at about the same pace. The 7-year innovation cycle is history—organizations need the right strategy and technologies to bring down the time to market for innovations. As organizations continue to innovate to stay ahead, what are the potential areas where they will be forced to innovate?

Hyper Personalization

02 - Hyper-Personalization in an Experience Economy

We are right in the middle of an experience economy. The brand today is defined by the experience that it provides to not only their customers, but also their employees. In this human-centric world, technology is constantly evolving to allow organizations to offer hyper-personalized products and services. There is a fine line between hyper-personalization and breach of privacy. Are organizations' applications teams able to walk that line?

Cyber Resilience

03 - Cyber-Resilience in an Evolving Threat Landscape

As companies move more resources to the cloud, increase IoT usage, and employees increasingly work remotely, a new approach to cybersecurity is required. There is a need for constant and automated monitoring, to build a zero-trust environment and to have a robust incidence response strategy when a breach actually does happen. Are organizations geared to stay ahead of the attackers and manage their digital assets and reputation?

Distributed Enterprise

04 - The Seamless Distributed Enterprise

Cloud and collaboration have been true enablers of an organization's transformation—and survival—over the last 2 years. Now it's time to operate as truly distributed enterprises. It's time to build the right architecture; integrate security; define management models; and manage workloads in a single pane to meet the needs of remote employees, partners and customers, who are fueling the demand for virtual services and hybrid workplaces.

Digital Business

05 - Data-Driven Digital Business

Every organization today wants to be a data-driven, digital enterprise. But have they re-evaluated their strategy to futureproof their data and AI investments? Are they investing in the right technologies to be truly data-driven? Data outlives processes and technology – are organizations geared to harness their legacy data to shape their future or will they concede ground rapidly because of their inability to act?

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