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“I am delighted to welcome you to Big5 CIO Priorities ’24. Join us for a remarkable gathering of India’s pre-eminent IT leaders, as we explore new ideas, and forge valuable connections. Immerse yourself in our research analysis and thought-provoking roundtables as we discuss the future of enterprise transformation. Prepare for an unforgettable experience, embracing collaboration and unlocking endless possibilities as we expand the program to include a special focus on the all-important BFSI sector. Together we can shape a better tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you there!”

Manoj Chugh

Themes &  Speakers

05 Keynotes

01 - Innovation Accelerators Shaping Business Outcomes

Today, innovation is the name of the game – and every organisation is focused on tech-led innovation. What are the emerging technologies that are helping technology leaders achieve business outcomes and have meaningful conversations with their business leaders? 

Peter Carr - Ecosystm
Peter Carr

VP Consulting | Ecosystm

Peter is an award-winning and team-focused executive with a proven record of accomplishment in technology leadership, transformation, and innovation. He has a deep knowledge of systems and process thinking, the technology industry, the government sector, and their national and international ecosystems.

Peter was part of the international tech analyst and management consulting communities, including periods at Gartner and Forrester from 1999-2017. Most recently he was the Director of City Innovation at one of Australia's six state capital cities where he led the IT, geospatial, data and information management teams as well as the smart and sustainable city portfolios.

02 - Building and Skilling the Right IT Organisation

As experienced tech resources become more expensive to hire and harder to retain, AI will become increasingly prevalent in tech teams by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up human resources. This will require an intelligence-led approach and require in-house skills such as DevOps, SecOps, and AIOps. What does the new IT organisation look like and how can you help build one? 

Anubhav Nayyar - Ecosystm
Anubhav Nayyar

Group Chief Growth Advisor | Ecosystm

Anubhav is the Group Chief Growth Advisor at Ecosystm Group and is responsible for growing Ecosystm's research and advisory services, as well as identifying and scaling new business verticals.

As a Technology and Growth Executive, Anubhav specialises in incubating and building businesses from scratch having started Snapchat’s Asia operations and previously Rakuten Viber’s Global business operations as the first employee. Over the past two decades, he has run businesses across multiple geographies and industries like Internet, Technology, FMCG & Retail. Anubhav holds an MBA degree from the Indian Institute of Management and an Economics Honours Degree from Delhi University. 

03 - Cloud-native Architectures and Adaptive Scalability

What is the future of cloud-native architectures and adaptive scalability in the business ecosystem? How are organisations leveraging containerisation, serverless computing, and elastic infrastructure to build flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient enterprises?

Tim Sheedy - Ecosystm
Tim Sheedy

VP Research | Ecosystm

Tim is Principal Advisor and brings more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing Cloud, IoT, AI and Automation strategies to support businesses in their IT decisions. Tim has become among the most prolific analysts in the arena of Customer Experience with a true global following and leads Ecosystm’s CX practice.

In his previous role, Tim spent 12 years at Forrester Research, helping IT leaders improve their digital capabilities, prior to which he was Research Director for IT Solutions at IDC in Australia and UK. Tim boasts an international reputation as an entertaining and informative public speaker on the key trends in the IT market. He is a graduate from University of Technology Sydney with a BA majoring in Marketing and Research.

04 - How to Run Scalable AI Projects in the Modern Enterprise

Despite the potential benefits, many Data and AI projects fail to deliver long-term business value. How can organisations mitigate challenges to convert proofs of concept to actual scalable implementations; and deploy an end-to-end AI and Data strategy that focuses on architecture, integration, data management, and data governance.

Ullrich Loeffler - Ecosystm
Ullrich Loeffler

CEO & CO-Founder | Ecosystm

Ullrich is CEO of Ecosystm and is responsible for growth and expansion of the business including the development of new business models around Ecosystm’s research platform, and expanding its network of independent analysts to ensure users only get the most in-depth, expert insights available.

Prior to joining Ecosystm, Ullrich spent over 10 years at research firm, IDC where he held the position of MD for ANZ and earned a reputation for research and consulting activities in public and private sector organisations. A passionate advocate of disruptive technologies and innovation, Ullrich is a regular speaker at conferences and in the media. Ullrich holds a Master’s degree in Business & Economics, with majors in Industrial Economics, Industrial Management and Marketing.

05 - Building Blocks for a Secure and Resilient Enterprise

Resilience can be achieved through a fine balance of the right infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery measures, compliance and risk strategy, and cybersecurity measures. How can technology leaders in India build a resilient enterprise? 

Sash Mukherjee - Ecosystm
Sash Mukherjee

VP, Industry Insights | Ecosystm

Sash is a veteran in primary and secondary research with almost twenty years of experience analysing, writing, and training in a wide range of industries and domains.​

As a Principal Analyst at Ecosystm, Sash helps us see the bigger picture by delving into our insights and developing thought leadership to show where the industry is heading. She is also involved in delivering consulting projects and custom engagements. Sash holds a Masters in Education from the University of California, Irvine, and a Masters in English from Jadavpur University, India.

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