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Themes & Speakers

Big5 Priorities is steered by enterprise IT industry veteran, Manoj Chugh, and guides CIOs on the course they will need to navigate in the year ahead. The direction is shaped by custom research involving over 200 Indian Enterprise IT heads and presented by global anchor analysts with decades of experience in their domains. Join us as we turn the spotlight on the top five imperatives shaping the future of enterprise IT in India. 

01 - Digital India: Tech Implications for Indian Organisations

Digital India: Tech Implications for Indian Organisations

Since its launch in 2015, Digital India has evolved, with the maturation of the India Stack notably benefiting SMEs and startups. Failure to adapt business models and respond promptly to market trends puts large organisations at risk of disruption.

Amit Gupta - Ecosystm
Amit Gupta

Group CEO 


Amit is Founder and Chairman at Ecosystm, a next-generation Technology Research and Advisory company. In the analyst world, Amit has held senior positions at firms including IDC and Current Analysis (now Global Data) where he applied his entrepreneurial experience to revamp the business model for market engagement across 14 countries in Asia Pacific. 

Amit holds a Master’s in Engineering Management (Hons) from the University of Auckland and sits on the advisory board of several digital start-ups. He is the President of TiE Singapore, a Beachhead Advisor for Asia for the New Zealand government, and a global brand ambassador for the Singapore FinTech Festival by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Amit Gupta

02 - System Evolution: Modernisation for Success

System Evolution: Modernisation for Success

Tech leaders are concentrated on realigning systems, processes, and technologies to meet the requirements of the modern digital landscape. However, where tech leaders need improvement is in managing change effectively.

Peter Carr - Ecosystm
Peter Carr

VP Consulting


Peter is an award-winning and team-focused executive with a proven record of accomplishment in technology leadership, transformation, and innovation. He has a deep knowledge of systems and process thinking, the technology industry, the government sector, and their national and international ecosystems.

Peter was part of the international tech analyst and management consulting communities, including periods at Gartner and Forrester from 1999-2017. Most recently he was the Director of City Innovation at one of Australia's six state capital cities where he led the IT, geospatial, data and information management teams as well as the smart and sustainable city portfolios.

Peter Carr

03 - AI Roadmaps: Evaluating Maturity and Progress

AI Roadmaps: Evaluating Maturity and Progress

AI is a game changer, yet its implementation can be challenging, with projects failing due to scalability issues, low user adoption rates, or the inability to demonstrate tangible benefits. The Ecosystm AI Readiness Assessment identifies the gaps.

Sash Mukherjee - Ecosystm
Sash Mukherjee

VP, Industry Insights


Sash is a veteran in primary and secondary research with almost twenty years of experience analysing, writing, and training in a wide range of industries and domains.​

As a Principal Analyst at Ecosystm, Sash helps us see the bigger picture by delving into our insights and developing thought leadership to show where the industry is heading. She is also involved in delivering consulting projects and custom engagements. Sash holds a Masters in Education from the University of California, Irvine, and a Masters in English from Jadavpur University, India.

Sash Mukherjee

04 - Navigating Growth: Scaling and Securing Digital Infrastructure

Scaling Digital Infrastructure.png

Tech leaders are witnessing disruptions in traditional roles. Effectively managing infrastructure and security to meet organisations' demands for agility and market growth requires continuous market scans to evaluate new tech opportunities and threats.

Darian Bird - Ecosystm
Darian Bird

Principal Advisor

Czech Republic

Darian helps businesses navigate the path towards digital transformation, providing insight into cloud, automation, data management, and telecommunications. He has spent two decades advising business leaders on using technology to enter new markets, improve client experience, and enhance service delivery.

Previously, Darian spent ten years at IBM, where he was a principal advisor for infrastructure services and hybrid cloud in Europe. Prior to this, he was a research manager at IDC, gaining emerging markets experience in Asia Pacific, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Darian Bird

05 - Bridging the Gap: Technology's Role in Business Improvement

Bridging the Gap: Technology's Role in Business Improvement

Successful tech leaders have transitioned into business leaders, adept at translating technology into business terms to engage stakeholders. Now they need to empower business leaders to join them on the transformation journey.

Ullrich Loeffler - Ecosystm
Ullrich Loeffler

CEO & CO-Founder


Ullrich is CEO of Ecosystm and is responsible for growth and expansion of the business including the development of new business models around Ecosystm’s research platform, and expanding its network of independent analysts to ensure users only get the most in-depth, expert insights available.

Prior to joining Ecosystm, Ullrich spent over 10 years at research firm, IDC where he held the position of MD for ANZ and earned a reputation for research and consulting activities in public and private sector organisations. A passionate advocate of disruptive technologies and innovation, Ullrich is a regular speaker at conferences and in the media. Ullrich holds a Master’s degree in Business & Economics, with majors in Industrial Economics, Industrial Management and Marketing.

Ullrich Loeffler
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