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About the Organisers

The Big5 Series is a joint initiative between 121connects (India) and Ecosystm (Singapore) to further the cause of Enterprise IT decision-making by bringing global content to influential IT leaders in India. This partnership, now in its third year, has seen the launch of Big5 CIO Priorities '23, Big5 CIO Priorities '24, and now Big5 CIO Priorities '25.

121connects is a curated member base of India’s leading IT decision-makers. We believe in the power of relationships to enhance business outcomes. Our goal is to help IT decision-makers unlock the potential of trusted relationships and find effective solutions for their businesses. Our technology platform, combined with a personal concierge service, enables one-2-one connections with India's IT leaders based on shared interests, common responsibilities or similar industry expertise.

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Ecosystm is a Digital Research and Advisory Company with its global headquarters in Singapore. We bring together tech buyers, tech vendors and analysts onto one integrated platform to enable the best decision-making in the evolving digital economy. Ecosystm has moved away from the highly inefficient business models of traditional research firms and instead focuses on research democratization, with an emphasis on accessibility, transparency, and autonomy.

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